1. at Pacific Coast Highway, California State Rt 1

  2. Beach day. (at Pacific Coast Highway, California State Rt 1)


  3. When Matt’s mom visits I always forget that, as his mother, she has unconditional love and sympathy for him so I don’t get to complain about him like I usually would with company.


  4. #tbt Papou and I and The Gingerbread Man.

  5. humansofnewyork:

    "What’s your biggest dream for your child?"
    "We’ll let him dream for himself."

    (New Delhi, India)


  6. My darling daughter has been keeping a secret stash of French Fries in a decorative beer stein in the living room.

    She just strolled in eating a handful.


  7. So it seems like the diaper situation could be as easy as putting the diapers through a second cycle without soap for extra rinsing and using coconut oil on ione’s butt every time she’s changed.

    So far so good. Fingers still crossed.

    Thanks for all the helpful comments!

    *my phone auto-corrected butt to Burt at first, which tempts me to start referring to the private region as her Burt Reynolds.


  8. I wonder how many future promises we’re breaking after saying “yes” to questions asked by toddlers in gibberish.


  9. All of my old boyfriends seem to be having babies right now and I just feel angry that they’ve been able to resume happy lives without me.

    I guess it’s possible that I’m not as wonderful as I thought I was? Nah, I’m sure they’re all just settling.


  10. I tried going back to cloth diapers again and Ione had HORRIBLE diaper rash halfway through the day.

    I have hard water and a front loading washer, I feel like I’ve tried everything that everyone says will fix the problem and nothing helps.

    I really want to use cloth, HELP! I want to hear all the advice in case I’ve missed something, so bring it on please.