1. Practicing “no”.

  2. Ha!

  3. I can’t stop making baby dresses, continued.


  4. 11 things

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    1.Did you have a lot of acne as a teenager?

    No, but I obsessed about covering up the—gasp!—2 or 3 I would get occasionally and they made me feel soooo self conscious. But when I look at photos of myself from then I can’t believe I worried about it.

    2. Would you rather eat potato chips or chocolate cake?

    CHIPS! Well, I say chips, but then after I eat the salty I need the sweet. If I started with the cake it would be the other way around. I always have to balance.

    3.What is the worst injury you’ve ever sustained?

    Once I cut my finger tip so badly I almost fainted. I did it again in the same spot a year later and now the tip of that finger is numb.

    4.Do you bite your fingernails?

    I usually quit for about 25% of each year, but yeah usually.

    5.Do you like your name?

    I do!

    6.Would you rather read the book or watch the movie?

    That’s a hard one! I love movies, but I love how much longer books last. I can’t land on an answer here.

    7.When you were a kid what was your favourite thing to play on at the park?

    I loved to climb. Anything to climb.

    8.Celebrity you’d most like to meet? Why?

    I’ve thinking and thinking about this one and just can’t come up with anyone. There are celebrities who I like, for sure, but I have no desire to meet them. I think mostly because I hate having my bubble burst. Disappointment pisses me off.

    Actually, scratch that, there’s something about Parker Posey that I just really like. I would just want to be friends with her. David Sedaris, too.

    9.How many languages can you speak?

    1 fluently and 2 on a 3 year old level, Greek and Spanish.

    10.Do you cry a lot?

    Once upon a time I would have said yes, but within the past 6 years or so it’s been rare. Ha, maybe because I don’t drink in bars with old friends as often since leaving Brooklyn? But I can’t think of even one time I’ve cried since Ione was born.

    11.What would you cook for me if I came over for me?

    Definitely a crab feast!

  5. Watching those hummingbirds.

  6. Who can’t stop making baby dresses? It’s me! It’s me! This is the 7th in two weeks. Apparently what I’m most willing to make time for.


  7. I’m realizing that the hard part for me about the 100 days project isn’t going to be the actual task of working on something every day, but the recording and uploading. I might have to do a weekly blast of my progress. Ione let’s me cook and photograph, but does not let me sit on a computer for more than 10 minutes.

  8. The Bird oves a good stoop chat.

  9. "My mama makes my clothes"

  10. Trying SO HARD to throw a ball for Lemon farther than a foot.