2. Ione has some important reading on her plate. From uncle Rob and aunt Beth.


  3. A fun thing I realized about the classic Little Golden Books

    Among the ones we have, anyway…

    If the author is a man, his name is on the cover.

    Who can guess the next part?

    If the author is a woman, not on the cover.

    The bad old days.

  4. Our first Earthquake.

    The epicenter was Napa so here in the southern Bay Area it wasn’t so bad.

    My friend in San Francisco responded to my “everything ok?” text with “huh”? So it doesn’t sound like it was too bad there.

    Ione slept through it, I was actually excited about it, it woke us up. Granted, that was only because it wasn’t enough to cause any damage in our area.

  5. Big pockets for frogs and Popsicles.

  6. That’s better.

  7. esmemakes:

    Cave Explorers

  8. Playtime is so hard.

  9. The Skinny Jeans Song

    (Source: youtube.com)


  10. When I’m really desperate for time to myself I give Ione a roll of toilet paper to play with, say “do what you gotta do”, and let her go nuts for an hour.

    It’s worth the waste and the mess.